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Project and tests setup



A quick dive through the project and tests setup for unit testing, integration testing, and e2e testing with "Jest" and "Cypress".


In this course we want to focus on important testing techniques and practices. I'll avoid talking about project creation or test configuration. If you don't have project to play with you can use the following repository template where you have:

  • Applications to play with
  • Good standards and practices
  • Testing environment
  • Guides
  • Community support
  • It's constantly improved
  • Commits are linear and well organized

I'll use that template in whole course. In addition you can read this article where we explain mentioned repo. If you have your own app and tests configured - it's even better. You can try practices in your project and master them perfectly 📜.

Running first time

Go to repository and click use template. After creating repo just clone it. Then type npm install --legacy-peer-deps and use commands which you want. You can find them in file. They're are also explained below.

How to run storybook for UI lib?


How to run tests?


How to run apps?


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created: 10-04-2023
updated: 10-05-2023