Grouping the tests

You know very well how grouping and categorization allows us to better find ourselves in the reality around us. It is the same with tests, which we group into functionalities.
Let's group the tests
It's time to look at the tests from a broader perspective. In everyday life, we don't deal solely with teaching a colleague how to make a pizza. We can teach him other things like: cutting with a knife, cooking pasta, driving a car. Each of these topics will have different questions and answers
(our tests)
So let's group our functionalities and write the appropriate questions for them.
Feature: Our friend knows how to make a pizza. 1. Is the pizza size between 30 cm and 34 cm? 2. Is the cake brown? 3. Is the cheese melted? 4. Is the pizza warm? 5. Isn't the pizza plate dirty? 6. Did the pizza taste good for 90% customers?
Feature: Our friend knows how to use knife. 1. Is the knife sharp?
Feature: Our friend knows how to cook pasta. 1. Is the water between 90 and 100 degrees? 2. Has the pasta been cooked for 5 minutes?
Feature: Our friend knows how to drive a car. 1. Does our friend have a driver's license?
You already know what the tests are and how to group them.
You need to group your tests. Without that they will be hard to maintain and their context will be blurry.
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