Adrian Połubiński

Senior Frontend Developer

Software development and application design are more than just a job for me. I have been a freelancer for a few years and I carried out projects in various technologies. Focused on React, TypeScript, NodeJS. In my free time, I play guitar.

Artur Węgrodzki

.NET developer

Daily working in C# and .NET environments. Specialized in Backend APIs, Xamarin mobile applications and databases. In my free time, I ride a bike and play games.

Krzysztof Reszko

Editor & Reviewer

English teacher. In the meantime, I do translation and editing work. My Interests are fitness and video games.

Kacper Woźniak

Frontend developer

Professionally - frontend developer focused on React, Vue and Typescript. I am happy to engage in additional activities related to programming. Privately - motorization enthusiast.

Patryk Jurczyk

Frontend developer

The technologies I develop are React and TypeScript. I like to take on more and more difficult things because with them I can learn the most. I spend my free time actively at the gym or cycling.