List of articles

Build useStepper hook in React

Let's design and build a hook for handling steps logic in an easy and scalable way.

7 M


Porting for React applications

Let's see how you can save time by using the porting technique when migrating from one technology to another.

5 M

Loops in JavaScript and their performance

We are going to perform tests that will verify what impact different loops in JavaScript may have on the performance.

7 M

Improving SEO with Ahrefs

We'll look at how to improve your SEO using the Ahrefs tool and we'll play with the reports that are available in the free plan.

8 M

React code snippet component

We will create a component to display code snippets and ASCII arts during loading to improve UX.

11 M

Authorization made simple

Short and simple article on the topic of authorization in React, so as not to get hung up on it.

4 M

Dream stack for React dev

It will be a longer article about project setup. Prepare a huge mug of coffee before you start reading.

15 M

Mocking up with factories

Quick overview of a simple factory method pattern which reduces headaches connected with mocking.

4 M

Proxy and reflect in JavaScript

Learn the difference between Proxy and Reflect and their useful use cases.

5 M

Modular architecture for medium frontend apps

An entry that will try to dispel any doubts about the use of modular architecture in frontend applications.

10 M

useFetch hook

The process of creating a useFetch hook to handle asynchronous operations sprinkled with a dose of real-life examples.

9 M

Chromatic and storybook

The process of creating small components library supported by chromatic and storybook.

10 M

React timeline component

Discover the process of creating a react timeline component and increase your developer skills.

11 M

Build useForm hook in React

Let's design and build a hook for handling forms logic in an easy and scalable way.

10 M

State management with rxjs in React

Different look at React state management with rxjs library.

10 M

React useRef hook

Let's jump into the weird useRef() hook and understand what we can achieve.

6 M

State machine pattern

In this article you will implement coffee machine with a state machine pattern.

5 M

Closures, currying, function composition as your new friends

In this article, we will discuss the basics of functional programming. You will learn what is pure function, composition, the currying technique and the closure mechanism.

5 M

Improving code that was not written by us

How to unify code written by programmers? How to add additional methods? How to hide what is not needed and how to simply make your life easier with facade pattern.

5 M